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Terms and Conditions | Electroneumkopen.nl

Date: 30 December, 2018
We are Crypto4Sale, Electroneumkopen, registered seat in Nes Ameland and registered with the Dutch
Chamber of Commerce (KVK) under number 55209505 .
These are our terms and conditions. They always apply when you visit our website or use
our services.


Since its conception is 2008, Bitcoin has led the way for a new era of cryptographical
currencies. These are also called cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies or crypto money. To
prevent any ambiguity, we will use the term Virtual Currency in these terms and conditions.
We offer our service called Electroneumkopen. This service allows you to buy and sell Virtual
Currency (the Service). The Service is available via www.electroneumkopen.nl (the Website).

Terms and Conditions

When you use the Service, you enter into an agreement with us (the Agreement). The legal
conditions that apply to this Agreement are laid out in this document. Please read these
terms and conditions carefully.
We have done our best to express these terms and conditions in a way that is accessible to
everyone. If anything remains unclear, don’t hesitate to contact
[email protected]
Answers to Frequently Asked Question can be found in the FAQ section of the Website.


Due to the nature of the Service, we must ask you to submit certain personal data which
we save. This can be needed to confirm your identity and offer you an account. All data will
be collected, used, saved and deleted in conformity with the General Data Protection
Regulation. For more information, see our privacy and cookie statement.
In some cases, we are legally obliged to hand over (personal) data to authorized
government agencies, police or investigative bodies.


To be able to use our service, you will receive a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use
the Service for your own personal use and the purposes we determine.
You can use the Service within the scope for which it is meant and only if you do not violate
the applicable conditions.


You must be old enough to individually enter into a contract without the supervision of a
parent, guardian or administrator.
To use the Service, you must register for an account on the Website. As part of this process,
we ask you for a password and, if you so choose, a second means of authentication.
Because the Service entails financial transactions, you must use a strong password and
keep your account information safe. Never use a password for more than one
website/service. We are not responsible for loss or damage when you lose your account
information, re-use passwords, use weak passwords or do not activate the second means
of authentication.
We can decide not to offer the Service in all markets and jurisdictions, dependent on
applicable legal restrictions.
If we discover your registration violates the applicable law or these terms and conditions,
we can immediately suspend the service and cancel any outstanding orders. If this
happens, we try to find a way to return the Virtual Currency to you, based on the available
options at that time.


Currently, the legal situation around Virtual Currency is unclear. We expect it is a matter of
time before services such as Electroneumkopen will be regulated in a way that is comparable to traditional financial legislation. To prepare for this possibility, we have decided, where possible, to work in a way that assumes the current legislation is already applicable to Virtual Currency.
This approach has two important consequences:
First, we must verify your identity. This means that you cannot use the Service
anonymously and we must look into our clients. This means that you must go through our
verification process on the website a number of times before you can trade Virtual
Secondly, we need to take measures to minimalize the possibility that the Service is
misused to facilitate money laundering. This means we check transactions for suspicious
activity and reserve the right to freeze transactions and share user information with the
relevant authorities if we observe transactions that call for action on our part.
You declare that the offered Virtual Currency has been obtained in a legitimate way and
you do not have any knowledge of any possible illegal character of its origin.


We could make a list of all the things you are not allowed to use the Service for, but we
want to ask you to be so kind as to only use the Service the way it was intended. This
means you shouldn’t use the Service in a way that damages the Service, for fraud, misuse
or other practices that are contrary to the law.
In turn we will do our best to keep the Service functional and online and to make
improvements where possible. At this point, however, we cannot guarantee anything.
Please note: before you use the Service, you must be aware of the technical and economic
aspects of Virtual Currency. There are certain inherent risks related to the trade in Virtual
Currency. We try to make the Service as user-friendly as possible, but there is always a risk.

Buying and Selling

The Service allows you to buy different Virtual Currency from us and sell it to us. As
compensation for this Service we take a small percentage of each transaction. The
applicable exchange rates, transaction fees (for the blockchains concerned/networks like
the Service) can be found on the Website.
The exchange rate of Virtual Currency can fluctuate (strongly). We do not give any
guarantee for any retention of value in the future. Because of the fluctuation of the
exchange rates of Virtual Currency, we set the definitive price as soon as you start your
Dependent on the Virtual Currency concerned, the moment the transaction is regarded as
complete can differ. Transaction will be processed by the system as quickly as possible and
will be deemed completed when you receive an e-mail stating it is.
The bank account number with which you provide us, must be in your name. You are not
allowed to use anonymous bank account numbers or a bank account number that is not in
your name. No payment will take place in that case.
When an amount is returned to us due to incorrect bank account information, we have the
right to process a €12.50 transaction fee.

We do NOT refund purchases, orders, sells. All buy/sells are final. 


One of the best features of Virtual Currency is the possibility to have ultimate control over
your Virtual Currency by having access to private keys. We understand that this can be a
challenge at this point in the crypto ecosystem. Until the moment that it becomes easier to
take control of this yourself, we offer a way to temporarily store Virtual Currency in our
Service (the Wallet).
The Wallet is an additional feature that is only used for temporary storage and not for long
term storage or for large amounts of Virtual Currency. We will take every reasonable measure to secure the Virtual Currency, but can never guarantee total safety, since such a
thing does not exist.
The use of the Wallet to store large amounts of Virtual Currency is strongly discouraged.
The most important features of the feature for storing and picking up are:
• Temporarily depositing Virtual Currency for trade purposes; and
• Withdrawal of the Virtual Currency to private wallet after trades.
We encourage you to withdraw the Virtual Currency to a private wallet as quickly as
All risks and property rights that are linked to the Virtual Currency are transferred to you as
soon as the Virtual Currency is withdrawn to the address with which you have provided us.
Unless stated otherwise on the Website, this is deemed as having taken place after 1
confirmation on the blockchain concerned.


Within the European Union, every consumer has a basic level of consumer rights. These are
not applicable in certain situations. The Service we offer, is one of these situations.
The Service entails buying and selling digital commodities for which the price is dependent
on fluctuations that cannot be controlled by us and that can occur within the waiting time.
That is why the right of withdrawal is not applicable to this Service.


With regards to liability, the trade in Virtual Currency is a new development. An important
change is taking place within this new crypto ecosystem in terms of attributing
responsibility. The technology makes it possible for individuals to have absolute control
over their Virtual Currency. That is why we think it is necessary to reduce our liability to a
very large extent.
Within the bounds of the law we are only liable for direct damage caused by an attributable
shortcoming in the fulfillment of the Agreement.
Direct damage only entails:
• Reasonable costs for determining the cause and size of the damage; and
• Reasonable costs to repair any shortcomings so the Service complies with these
Terms and Conditions.Versie: 1.0 | 15 juni 2018 pagina 5 van 6
There is no liability for:
• Changes in price as a consequence of the delayed processing of buy or sell orders;
• Cancelation of orders due to clearly wrong price indications;
• Damage as a result of incorrect Virtual Currency addresses or other (address)
information that was provided by you;
• Any damage that is inflicted on the balance stored in the Wallet; and
• Any indirect damage (including consequential damage, loss of income and profit,
loss of data and immaterial loss).
Except in cases of intent or conscious recklessness, are liability, insofar legally allowed, is
limited to the amount that you paid for the service in the month prior to the moment
during which the cause of the damage occurred.
In cases of force majeure, bank outages, or other unusual/unforeseen circumstances,
during which your transaction was not processed or not processed on time, we have a
deciding vote and can decide to cancel the order and return the purchase sum.


Because of the possibility of unforeseen situations, we can terminate or suspend your use
of the Service or transactions at any time. We can also terminate the Service or part of the
Service at any time, with or without notice. When that happens, we will do our best to
return your Virtual Currency to you based on the available options at that time.


Because we are registered in the Netherlands, Dutch law is applicable to this agreement. In
the case of a dispute, it will be put in front of a Dutch judge in the judicial district where we
are registered.
Due to the fast pace at which technology and laws change, we reserve the right to change
these conditions at any time. If you do not wish to accept an amendment or addition to
these conditions, you must stop using the Service. Use of the Service after the start date of
the new Terms and Conditions will be deemed the acceptance thereof.


If you have any other question about this Service or other matters, please contact us:
Crypto4Sale, Electroneumkopen
Hiemkesweg 6
9163GG Nes Amekand
tel: 0031647616278
email: [email protected]


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