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What is Electroneum

Electroneum is a British company that has developed a new cryptocurrency called ETN. The main goal of the Electroneum platform is to make the use of blockchain technology or digital currencies user-friendly in a safe way. Although it is getting easier, buying or using Bitcoin to make payments is not always easy for everyone. The technology of Electroneum mainly revolves around the user friendliness of their mobile wallet which can be downloaded in the App StoresThat is why this is logically the best option for those who actually want to use Electroneum. It is also possible to generate an offline wallet, which according to the developers is impossible to hack. An offline wallet can be created via the the Electroneum website.

Why buy here?

We give you the opportunity to buy Electronum directly with iDeal, these are then purchased on one of the large exchanges and after completion of the order you deposit directly into your wallet. We have put a lot of time and energy into this process, so that the processing runs automatically and you do not have to wait endlessly on your Electronum. It is also possible to sell Electroneum via our website. Please note that when purchasing, verification is required via Yoti (KYC). Although there is no regulation yet regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Electroneumkopen.nl follows European financial legislation as much as possible. These include the KYC "know your customer" policy and measures to prevent money laundering. Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency which is fully KYC.

Why buy ETN?

One of the reasons why Electroneum is so interesting is the fact that the ICO had to be closed prematurely because the desired amount of 40 Million had already been received. In January 2018 the news came out that Electroneum had acquired a user range of almost 100 million people. This has been achieved through agreements with, among others, BMedia, Effortel and Fanfare. This has created a huge potential that can be used to give the ETN crypto an even larger community in the future. But Electroneum is far from being where it wants to be. A lot of hard work has gone into the mobile miners for Android and iOS, the way to mine coins with a mobile phone.

The market cap of Electroneum

Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency, but do not want to deposit thousands of euros to get numbers before the comma like Bitcoin and Ethereum? Then Electroneum is a good option. The value of an ETN is much lower than that of many other currencies.

It must immediately be said that this coin is still in its infancy. In November 2017 the coin was put into circulation after a successful ICO. And as with many of the other cryptocurrencies, there was an increase around the turn of the year, followed by a decline.

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