At Electroneumkopen you can directly purchase digital currency with the payment methods you have trusted.

Electron sales will largely manage your assets in so-called "Cold Wallets" and protect your account with Two-Factor authentication, security notifications and email confirmations.

With Electroneumkopen you do not need to create a wallet for the digital currency you buy and sell. Electron sales is accessible from your mobile, Tablet, PC and from any location.

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Where can I store my Electroneum?

Electroneum's technology is mainly about the user-friendliness of their mobile wallet, which is why this is logically the best option for those who actually want to use Electroneum. It is also possible to generate an offline wallet, which according to the developers is impossible to hack. An offline wallet can be created via the the Electroneum website.

  • Where are my coins and how long does it take to receive them?

We strive to send your coins within 1 day after receiving the payment. Below are some exceptions that make coins in some cases can not be sent immediately. We will always inform you by e-mail. Sofort payments last standard 1 working day.

  • You pay with a bank account that we have not seen before. We check this manually, so keep in mind that this can take a little longer when you place an order outside of office hours.
  • The documentation for your account is not complete yet. Check your e-mail for further instructions.
  • You buy for more than € 2.500 within 24 hours. In that case we use a so-called one-off cooldown period of a maximum of two working days. During this period, the banks have the time to verify your transaction. This cooldown period takes place only once per account.
  • You pay via a bank transfer. Then we wait until the money is on our account. This takes 1-2 working days. The price is fixed at the time you place the order.

  • I want to buy cryptocurrencies for more than € 25.000, is that possible?

This is certainly possible for orders larger than € 25.000 we even offer a discount on our fee. Take that case contact with us. Depending on your investment needs, we look at the possibilities and whether additional verification is required, for example.

  • What is the minimum amount for which I can buy?

We want everyone to be able to try out cryptocurrency. That is why you can buy Euro coins from 25 with us! Are you buying electroneum or another cryptocurrency for the first time? Then we recommend first to buy the minimum amount. This way you can get to know our platform and cryptocurrencies for a small and safe amount, and determine whether it is for you.

  • Which payment methods does Electroneumkopen accept?

The list for the Netherlands and Belgium, Germany now consists of: iDEAL, Creditcard, Bancontact, Sofort, Paysafecard. With these payment methods the transfer is carried out almost immediately. You can also pay by bank transfer, then it takes between one and two working days.

You can also find the possible payment methods on our homepage.

  • Can I purchase cryptocurrencies anonymously?

No, that is not possible with us. We strive to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies as simple as possible, not to make anonymous trading possible.

When creating an account, we therefore ask you to upload a photo of your identity card and an ID selfie. These are the requirements to activate an account at Electron sales. In this way we want to prevent money laundering or terrorist financing, which is why we have made your personal details and a copy of your proof of identity compulsory in certain cases. We handle your data confidentially and also ensure that it is stored securely.

Depending on your investment needs and ordering behavior, we can later decide to request more information.

  • How does Electroneumkopen.nl determine the price?

Our price depends on various factors. Electroneumkopen.nl itself charges a fee of about 2%. The rest of the difference in price lies in fluctuating the price, trade volume, transaction costs, market size and transaction costs on the blockchain.

  • Is the purchase / sale transaction reversible?

Transactions of digital currencies are irreversible due to their decentralized nature. So make sure you send digital currency to the correct address.

Thereby canceling or crediting a purchase / sale NOT possible. This is because the digital currency market fluctuates enormously. All sales and purchases are therefore fixed.

  • How long does it take before Electroneumkopen.nl receives my bank transfer?

This depends on your bank. Transfers from Dutch bank accounts usually take one business day, transfers from International bank accounts last a maximum of three business days. This is because our bank is based in Germany.

  • An amount that I transferred has been returned. How is this possible?

It can happen that a payment returns. This can have two causes:

1. The bank account is not in your name

If the name you provided when creating your Electron sales account does not match the name of the bank account with which you transferred euro amounts, the amount transferred by you will automatically be returned. In a few cases we do not receive the correct ascription for transfers from an "En / Of" calculation. This can lead to an incorrect refund. You will receive an email from us with further instructions if your account is rejected due to an incorrect or unknown name.

2. An incorrect description

When transferring your bank account you must provide a description. With this description, we know how to link your transfer to your Electron sales account. When we receive a payment with an incorrect description, we do not know at which Electroneumkopen user these payments belong. That is why we automatically refund this payment. In this case you will not receive an e-mail from us because we do not know to which Electroneumkopen account this transfer is.

  • Why do you need my personal data and identity card or passport?
Electroneumkopen.nl wants to prevent money laundering or terrorist financing, which is why we have made your personal details and a copy of your proof of identity compulsory in certain cases. We handle your data confidentially and also ensure that it is stored securely. Authentication is normally done via the link from Yoti https://www.yoti.com/

  • Why do I need to verify my bank account?
To prevent fraud, you can only transfer euros to and from bank accounts that belong to you. The ascription of your bank account must therefore correspond to the ascription of your electroneumkopen.nl account. You can verify your bank account by transferring one euro to electroneumkopen.nl. Your bank account is then automatically checked.

  • How long does it take before my documents are verified?
Your ID is manually verified. This takes a maximum of one working day.

  • What is done with my personal information?

Electroneumkopen.nl does not share data with third parties for commercial purposes. Electroneumkopen.nl only shares information with third parties when it suspects abuse:

  • If this is necessary due to a court order.
  • If there is fraud according to the bank from which you have transferred an amount, data may be shared with the relevant bank.
  • If an unusual transaction has taken place, the transaction details are passed on to FIU Netherlands.

Click here for more information about how Electroneumkopen.nl handles your data: privacy Policy.

Initially we apply a purchase limit of € 2.500 per day for the account level 1. Do you want to buy between € 2.500 and € 10.000? For that you need the account level 2. Log in to your account and go to the 'Limits' tab. Choose 'Limits'. We then ask for a recent proof of home address (not older than three months) and a second other selfie to send.

For the highest level account, the Level 3, you need to fill in an EDD form. You must first have reached the Level 2 level for this level.

Buy Sales
Level 1 2.500 10.000
Level 2 10.000 10.000
Level 3 50.000 50.000

(Limits in the above table are in euros and per week)

Do you want to make a one-time purchase for an amount larger than 25.000 euro? Which can! Take contact with us. In this case we will reduce the fees.

Please note that there are transaction limits that vary by payment method. These are indicated on the order form.

  • I do not receive e-mails from electroneumkopen.nl
In some cases, e-mails sent by electroneumkopen.nl end up in your junk mail folder or spam folder. Check if you have entered the correct e-mail address and check your spam folder for any e-mails from electroneumkopen.nl.

  • How can I change my e-mail address?

You can change the email address of your account as follows:

  1. Log in to your Electroneumkopen.nl account;
  2. Navigate to "Verification";
  3. Press the edit icon next to your e-mail address;
  4. Enter your password and your desired e-mail address;
  5. Confirm your new e-mail address by pressing the activation link in your e-mail.

  • How can I change my password?

You can change your account password as follows:

  1. Log in to your Electroneumkopen.nl account;
  2. Navigate to "Settings";
  3. Press the "Change password" button;
  4. Enter your current and your desired password.

  • Do you also support business users?
We support business customers. If you want to open a business account, please send an e-mail to our support department.

Do you have your own website and do you want to earn some extras? We offer an affiliate or partner program with high click-through rates and a bonus of 1%.

You earn 1% of every order that people make via your refferal url.

How does it work?

Request your refferal url via: https://www.electroneumkopen.nl/affiliate

Place a banner on your own website. For every order that arrives via your refferal url you receive a commission from 1%, which you do not have to do anything else.

In the affiliate overview you can view the number of clicks, orders and revenues via your site.

Terms and Conditions.

Electroneumkopen has the right at all times to adjust the affiliate conditions. Electroneumkopen also has the right to terminate the affiliate program without giving any reason. Electroneumkopen has the right to request validation of identity. To be an affiliate partner you must be 18 years or older. Individuals and organizations that have a foresight collaboration with Electroneumkopen can not use affiliate links. Affiliate partners must comply with all laws and regulations, and the protection of data privacy.


Requests for payment can be made from € 50.
The financial transaction can take up to 2 weeks.
Cookies continue to exist for 30 days.
PPC & Promotion:

Participants are not allowed to:

Making use of SEA
Use any form of paid promotion for any brand, on behalf of Electroneumkopen, including variations or misspelled versions of the brand name
Promote existing Electron sales products by giving them a different name
Electron sales domains to register, including misspelled variations
Generate pop-ups, pop-unders, iframes, frames or other visible or invisible actions that set affiiliate cookies
To advertise in an inappropriate way (false promises, misleading hyperlinks, etc.).
Electron sales to use in your display URL
Coupon and Deal sites:

You do not rank in Google on the search combination 'discount code Electron sales' or a variation on this.
You take the following code "into the header of the Electroneumkopen offers overview page, or you provide another way in which this page is not indexed by search engines.
You may not offer discounts, coupons or any other form of promised kickbacks from your affiliate commission.
* For potential partners residing or established in Germany, it is not allowed to participate in the partner program.

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